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Incubate your new Life

Sonntag, 13.01.2019
08:00 Uhr
Wo genau?
Little Paradise, Krütz 2, Hoisdorf
999,99 €
Religion und Gesellschaft
Meditationsraum mit Kamin

Little Paradise


You really want to change your life? This month long retreat offers best conditions for your own introspection: - Are you really living what you came here for? - Do you feel 'reconnected' and 'at home in yourself'? - Are you living up to your true potential? - Are you 'Singing the Song of your Soul?

This retreat is targeted at professionals who are looking for an intense timeout with one hour of daily inspirational work, provided by Maria Lefevre (coach, author and host of Little Paradise).

This work will be related to the following topics:

- Inner work and going on retreat,

- Meditation,

- Reconnecting with yourself, your inner truth, and the Divine and Sacred inside and outside of you,

- Spiritual experiences and opening of the heart,

- Finding what you really want to do in Life,

- Living from your truth and living up to your potential.

These inspirational hours will be held in English.

It is a single-person retreat.

There will be other people in the house - likewise on individual retreat.

For our retreat guests, we will suggest a daily schedule emcompassing times for meditation or prayer, contemplation, walks in nature, reading, creativity, and small talks to share and reflect upon the inner process. Guests are free to choose in how far they would like to follow our suggested schedule and participate in these activities.

It is also possible to (partly or completely) follow your own retreat rythm or plan.

Price includes:

Accommodation in single room with shower
Organic vegetarian food - for self-service in our shared eat-in kitchen
Group meditations
Daily: One hour of inspirational work, hosted by the owners of Little Paradise
Retreat supervision


Little Paradise
Krütz 2
22955   Hoisdorf
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