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Red- & Bluelight: Guided Reeperbahn Tour

Dienstag, 22.10.2019
19:00 Uhr
Wo genau?
Treffpunkt: Beatles Platz, Beatles-Platz 1, Hamburg (Hamburg-Mitte)
21,00 €
Führungen, Sonstige


Kiez & Crime Tour - Guided Walking Tour

Meet us on the Beatles Place and follow us on a 2-hour guided tour through the Reeperbahn and the red light district. Our professional guides will lead you to the most important points and tell you amazing storys about the mysterious Reeperbahn. We will give you inside information about the most popular district in hamburg. Sankt Pauli with its Reeperbahn is full of funny facts and stories of crimes. The Reeperbahn is a place of contracts of which we will tell you.

During the guided tour you will get to know the following places: * Beatles Place* Hans-Albers-Place* The Davidwache* The Gerbertstraße (only man are allowed to pass this street)* The Spielbudenplatz* The Reeperbahn* The Boxkeller of the Ritze

Of course we will tell you the facts of those points of interests, but furthermore you will get to know the story of the district. Our guide will lead you through the different episodes of time and explain the development and why Sankt Pauli and the Reeperbahn are basically the same than years ago. From trabelling artists over seaman to the gangs.After the tour you will feel safe on Sankt Pauli and you will at least understand the district and its people.

The following questions will be answered during the tour:* Why is the Reeperbahn basically the same like years ago?* How did Sankt Pauli become so popular?* What changed regarding the gangfights in the 80s and 90s?* Why shell only man pass the Herbertstraße?* What makes Sankt Pauli so popular?

What are you waiting for? Just let us show you the most famous district of Hamburg.


Treffpunkt: Beatles-Platz
Reeperbahn 174
20359   Hamburg
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