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DBCM - Dynamic Business Case Management 2 Days Training in Hamburg

Montag, 11.11.2019
09:00 Uhr
Wo genau?
Regus Hamburg City Nord, Kapstadtring 7, Hamburg (Hamburg-Nord)
 (ab 1913,67 EUR - 2126,76 EUR)


Course Description :
We are living in a fast, changing world. Managing projects by the book is not enough anymore. Especially when the external effects on projects, from the business, the environment, media, public opinion and even natural disasters, can be enormous. This workshop helps you gain the additional knowledge and tools to manage projects in the future with an increased chance of success. The workshop covers information on the underlying theory, principles, techniques, methods, etc.
Course Outline :
Course Outline:

Module 1: Workshop Introduction
Module 2: Overview
Module 3: Business Case
Module 4: Managing the Business Case
Module 5: Tooling
Module 6: Examples & Case

Target Audience :
Executives, decision makers, managers, project managers, program managers who want to improve their effectiveness.
Learning Objectives :
At the end of this workshop, you will be aware of the necessity of business case management, be able to apply the tools and techniques and be prepared for a future with more successful projects.
Course Agenda :
Day 1

Workshop Introduction
Business Case

Day 2

Managing the Business Case
Examples & Case, Exercise


Regus Hamburg City Nord
Kapstadtring 7
22297   Hamburg
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